Frank Dernbach

50 Years with a Camera

I was fortunate enough to possess my first camera from the age of 10.

Whilst black and white photography was the fashion of the time in the early 70’s, I always preferred a coloured image

Decaying and ailing objects were the mayor interest for me, and happily I managed to capture some images before they vanished.

I never studied photography, but I am a “Freelance Camera Buff” with the ambition to show my work of the last 50 years.

Have a look and enjoy the images.

The pictures of me were taken by my friend Edward ten Dam, a true master in this field.

Thank You

What I Do
  • Portraits and Images of Females, Males, Children, Animals
  • Weddings and Birthdays
  • Postcards,
  • Travel Journalism in Writing and Impression
  • Commercials